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After a long period of study and work on architecture that brought me to Florence, London, Cambridge, Houston, Austin, Athens, etc. I ended up in Berlin where I directed the Hellenic Foundation for Culture from 1996 until 2014. The Berlin office was responsible for cultural exchange between Greece and the German-speaking Europe.

During these 18 years, me and my collaborators promoted Greek culture in all sectors of the arts from art exhibitions, literature, theatre, cinema, music and dance. I am proud to state that we were very successful in developing a conceptual programme for Greece’s foreign cultural policy.

Now after the experience of all these years I decided to start a new chapter in my working life. I found it very challenging to exit from the bi-lateral thinking of cultural exchange and open up into the fantastic international world of culture.

Until now the cultural world of Greece has been unquestionably at the centre of my attention. Now Greece’s cultural offerings compete in the international world of ideas and events.

Excellence is of essence.

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Excellence is of essence!

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Dr. Eleftherios Ikonomou
Cultural Manager at ARTSetc.


Hektorstraße 5, D-10711 Berlin

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Tel. +49 30 31503853
Fax +49 30 31506179
Cell +49 172 3203828
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