May 28 – June 25, 2014

Institut Français, Berlin

In Partnership with:
• Institut Français, Berlin

Limen is the title of the exhibition by Nikos Viskadourakis. The Latin word “Limen” could be translated as threshold or limit. In architecture the word threshold denotes the space in front of a house, usually occupied by people talking, eating, or even day dreaming. In physiology a threshold is the smallest perceptible reality for a human being. Both interpretations applied to the work of Viskadourakis could provide an interesting meaning.
Imagine the artist at a physical threshold of a house in his native Crete. He observes the everyday life around him. People walk on the streets alone or in groups, they wear all sorts of clothes, they talk to each other, they fight and they gesticulate. A street theatre unplanned and yet celebrative. He starts with small black outlines of human figures. Slowly, these few outlines are joined by others, until they occupy the centre of the canvas. The surroundings of these figures: colour strokes, sometimes peaceful and relaxing, but also provocative and aggressive. The expressionistic world of colour and action characterizes all his paintings. Figures, colour formations, objects, are all represented in a liminal way on the verge, the edge of the perceptible. What I find very important is that the artist manages to cross the physiological liminal threshold, and transfer to his public his experiences.