5–28 of August 2013

Yeni Cami, Thessaloniki, Greece

In Partnership with:
• Vereinigung für Genreverbindende Kunstprojekte
• Municipality of Veria
• City of Thessaloniki
• European Youth Capital 2014

The starting idea of the project was the “return to nature” as a remedy and a inspiration of the artists. In fact looking through the European art history, nature played a very important role, whenever there was a crisis of ideas.

In our case, 76 young students from Greek and German universities- an international group- interacted with each other for three weeks immersed in nature and produced alone or in groups abstract paintings, video art, music, dance and fashion. The results of this summer programme were shown in Greece, Italy and Germany.

Photos: Nontas Stylianidis, Amelie Conrad.

This is the last of a series of exhibitions done after the completion of the European project “Physis 2013”. It shows the works of only the Greek artists which participated in the summer camp on a hill top near Veria from 20 August to 8 September 2013. Although the general theme of the summer programme was “nature”, we offered an introductory week with visits to archaeological sites of the area.