April 1996 – March 2014


Director, Hellenic Foundation for Culture in Berlin Organization of art exhibitions, literature readings, lectures and discussions on scientific topics, theatre performances, concerts, film shows, etc.




  • Presentation of the exhibition Eleven Masters of Greek Printed Graphics (in collaboration with National Gallery Athens), Berlin, 1996

  • Presentation of the exhibition Jannis Markopoulos: Tying-Up – Horses at the Embassy, Berlin, Dorotheenstraße 105 and Italian Embassy, Berlin, 1996-1998

  • Exhibition Greek Realities – A New Generation of Greek Artists, Galerie im Marstall, Berlin, 1997 (in collaboration with Stiftung Neue Kultur)

  • Exhibition Fotis Kontoglou: Byzantium – Reflections in the 20th Century, Berlin, 1997

  • Exhibition Marianna Strapatsaki: The Ghosts of the Mediterranean, Berlin, 1997

  • Exhibition Michalis Arfaras: Chronos, Multi-media installation, Berlin, 1998

  • Presentation of the exhibition Giorgos Zongolopoulos: Tel-Neant, Wittenbergplatz Berlin, 1998

  • Exhibition Michalis Katzourakis: Recent Works and Large Inside Sculpture Installations, Berlin, 1998

  • Exhibition Opy Zouni: Space, Berlin, 1999

  • Exhibition Walking on his Hands, an exhibition of works by A. Akrithakis, M. Arfaras, C. Bouronikos, J. Markopoulos, V. Kaniaris, J. Psychopedis und C. Tsoklis, Galerie Cubus, Hannover, on the occasion of the EXPO 2000

  • Exhibition The New Hellas. Greeks and Bavarians in the Times of Ludwig I., an exhibition of the National Museum of Bavaria, co-financed by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Munich and Athens, 2000

  • Exhibition Nelly: Athens, Dresden, New York. From the Collection of the Benaki Museum at Photo Forum Bolzano, Pergamon Museum Berlin and Städel Museum Frankfurt, Public Pinakothek Tuttlingen, Technology Collections Dresden, Kurhaus Kleve, Glyptothek Munich, Benaki Museum Athens, 2001-2002

  • Exhibition Jannis Psychopedis: Fossilized Flowers, Berlin, 2001

  • Books from Greece in the main focus at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2001

  • Gala concert for the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2001, dedicated to Greece, with the participation of Agnes Baltsa and Nikos Athinaios at the Alte Oper, Frankfurt, 10 October 2001 (in collaboration with Ergobank and Deutsche Bank Private Banking)

  • Reading Bruno Ganz reads Elytis, Cavafis and Seferis, accompanied by Nikos Xydakis at the Schauspielhaus Cologne, 24 November 2001

  • Presentation of the exhibition The Splendour of Heaven. Icons from the Emilios Velimezis Collection, Ikonenmuseum Frankfurt, 2001 / 2002

  • Presentation of the exhibition George Xenos: Landscapes, Berlin, 2002

  • Presentation of the exhibition The Greek Classical Antiquity – Idea or Reality?, Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin and Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle Bonn, 2002


  • Presentation of the exhibition A Stage for Dionysos, Berlin, Exhibition space BEWAG, 2003

  • Exhibition Athens – a changing City, Exhibition Space BEWAG, Berlin, 2003

  • Festival of Greece in Stuttgart with programmes in all cultural sections, 2003

  • 14. Berliner Märchentage. Fairytales, Myths, Mediterranean, Berlin, 2003

  • Presentation of the exhibition Alekos Fassianos: Works on Paper, 2004

  • Presentation of the exhibition Alexis Akrithakis, 2004

  • Presentation of the exhibition Light and Colour in the Russian Avant-Garde

  • The Costakis Collection, Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, 2002-2005, Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, 2005

  • Exhibition Contemporary Photography from Greece, a collaboration with the Neue Berliner Kunstverein and the Photography Museum Thessaloniki, 2005

  • Exhibition Nikos Nikolaou, a collaboration with the Benaki Museum and the Foundation Nikos & Angela Nikolaou, Berlin, 2005

  • Lecture by Despina Evgenidou entitled The Numismatic Museum in Athens: History, Collection, Future, Berlin, 2005

  • Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the Hellenic Foundation for Culture, Berlin at the Concert House Berlin, 6 October 2005

  • Discussion 60 Years After between Erika Kounio-Amarilio with Susanne Sophia Spiliotis, Berlin, 2005

  • Exhibition Homage to Maria Callas with works by Norbert Keseberg, Berlin, 2006

  • Lecture by Prof. Dr. Gotthard Strohmaier entitled The Heritage of the Greeks in the Islamic World, Berlin, 2006

  • Reading Durs Grünbein reads Constantinos Cavafis at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, 2006

  • Exhibition Peaceful and happy with works of Efi Micheli, an event in collaboration with the Efi Michelis Foundation of Athens; Berlin, 2006

  • Workshop of Theodoros Terzopoulos entitled Voices, Bodies and the Ancient Greek Tragedy, Radialsystem Studio, in collaboration with Theater der Zeit, Berlin, 2006

  • Performance of Sophokles’ Ajax, directed by Theodoros Terzopoulos, at the Radialsystem, Berlin, 2006

  • Presentation of the exhibition The Splendour of Heaven. Greek Icons from the Velimezis Collection, Pergamon Museum Berlin, 2007

  • Moving Music in collaboration with the Vienna Conservatory and the Ioanian University Corfu, 2007

  • Europa-Kulturtage: Willkommen Griechenland, a festival of the European Central Bank and the National Bank of Greece with more than 30 events showing the latest trends in Greece’s contemporary culture, 2007

  • Presentation of the exhibition Jannis Kounellis in the New National Gallery, Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, 2007-2008


  • Exhibition of photographs by Fred Boissonas entitled Walks in Mount Athos 1928-1930 in collaboration with the Photographic Museum Thessaloniki and the Agioriti Estia, 2008

  • Scenic performance of About Heroes and Tears – the Anger of Achilles in Pergamonaltar Hall in collaboration with Staatliche Museen zu Berlin and the Alexander Onassis Foundation in Athens, 2008

  • Exhibition entitled The Restoration of the Athenian Acropolis and the New Acropolis Museum in Pergamonmuseum Berlin, a collaboration with the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the Organization for the building of the New Acropolis Museum, 2008 – the exhibition was also presented at other venues: in Heidelberg (University), in Freiburg, Basel and Bonn and Bratislava

  • Presentation of the exhibition Five Greek Artists from the Collection of Dimitris Bogiatzis – Chryssa, Kaniaris, Kounellis, Pavlos, Samaras, 2009

  • Workshop of Giorgios Kyriakakis and his music group “Arkys” entitled Ornamentic of the Byzantian Music, 2010

  • In context with the 11th Poetry Festival Berlin the Hellenic Foundation for Culture presented a photographic exhibition entitled Giorgios Seferis – A Chronological Survey, 2010

  • Presentation of the exhibition The Jongleur – Capitalizing the Capital by Mark Hadjipateras, Sculptures and pictures by Mark Hadjipateras, 2010

  • Organization of a journey for 9 German journalists to Athens exploring the financial crisis of Greece, 2010

  • Exhibition and Presentation of the book Logicomix by Apostolos Doxiadis, exhibition arranged by Alekos Papadatos, 2011

  • Presentation of a photographic exhibition of the UNESCO sites of Greece and Germany, 2010-2011

  • Presentation of the exhibition Topoi – Körper with works of 34 Greek artists from the private collection of Antonis & Asia Hadjioannou, 2011

  • Presentation of sculptures by Stavros Mihalarias in an outdoor exhibition at the park on Wittenbergplatz, 2011

  • Presentation of the exhibition Myth Olympia – Cult and Games at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, 2009 – 2012

  • Organization of a film festival dedicated to young Greek directors, in collaboration with Arsenal Cinema, Berlin, 2012

  • Presentation of the exhibition Vinci sumus by Alexis Veroucas, 2012

  • Presentation of the exhibition entitled Axis mundi, Pictures, sculptures and construction by Sophoklis Rovis, 2012

  • Presentation of the exhibition Physis – A European Project, in collaboration with Vereinigung für genreverbindende Kunstprojekte e. V., 2012 and 2013

  • Presentation of the exhibition Olympics – Past and Present at the exhibition space Alriwaq Doha in collaboration with the Qatar Olympic & Sports Museum, Qatar Museums Authority, 2013

2005 – 2008

President of the Association of European Cultural Institutes in Berlin (EUNIC Berlin) Organization of art exhibitions, literature readings, film festivals, lectures and discussions, which aim at promoting the cultural diversity of Europe and make the diverse European cultures meet and exchange



  • Organization of the literature readings Kleine Sprachen – Große Literaturen at the Leipzig Book Fair, organized every year since 2003

  • Organization of the conference u. A. w. g. at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin, 2003

  • European Festival Sinti & Roma, various venues Berlin , 2004

  • Panel discussion 60 Years after at Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, 2005

  • Conference on European cultural Policy with the participation of the EUNIC cluster heads at the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Berlin, 2006

  • Series of literature readings Europa literarisch, Berlin; one reading is organized every month since 2008, in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in Germany

  • Organization of the concert Ein Konzert für Haiti, Berlin, February 2010

  • Organization of the day Europäischer Tag der Sprachen, Berlin, to take place every year in September, since 2010, in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in Germany and Central Library Berlin

  • Film festival Don Juan, Berlin, February 2011

  • Theatre and dance festival F.I.N.D. 2011 – Festival Internationale Neue Dramatik, Berlin, March 2011

1996 – 2000

Member of Editional Board, Journal of Architecture as of November 1997 deputy editor

since 1974

Professional Registration Registered Architect in Greece: Technical Chambers of Greece No. 39.104


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