June 1 – Julye 8, 2018

Friday, 1st June 2018, 20:00

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki presents the exhibition by Nikos Viskadourakis, entitled The Descent of Odysseus in Hades. The works were presented for the first time at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rethymnon as part of a retrospective for the artist’s work in 2017.

The show consists of three main units:

  1. Odysseus in Hades, 16 coloured works, mixed technique;
  2. The Voyage, 12 charcoal drawings on paper;
  3. The Companions, 32 charcoal drawings on paper.
[..] He starts with small black outlines of human figures. Slowly, these few outlines are joined by others, until they occupy the centre of the canvas. The surroundings of these figures: colour strokes, sometimes peaceful and relaxing, but also provocative and aggressive. The expressionistic world of colour and action characterizes all his paintings […]

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